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Low Budget Business Ideas for Women of India

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Now days male doesn’t like their wife to be a housewife. They want their wife to be working. And the women also don’t want to be dependent on their husband. So if any of the women looking to start their own business you are at the right place. Here are the some of the business ideas that will free you from the defenses of the husband start your business of your own. So here are the business ideas that will help you as followed.


Open the boutique is the first thing which comes to the woman’s mind in India. Even if you find the boutique in every third lane. In these business ideas customer increase time to time in the store as once customer like the quality and price, then customer trend to come again and again.

Beauty Parlor

Girl love to dress well every day or you can say extra on the occasion so they go to beauty Parlor a lot. For the markup or the spa or anything else. And this will be the good business ideas for the Indian’s women.

Gift Shop

People tend to love to give a gift on the occasion of a birthday, marry, festival and other things. This will be a great business if you start with the gift shop. But other it required little investment like rent space, goods etc.

Pet store

In it the unique ideas which are applied in a foreign country like the place where you can go and find cats to play with an hour or two. It is the good way to relax and pet lover love to play with the cats.


If you love to cook and your disk famous in the areas. Then you can charge for the disk. Open your small van to sell your famous disk. It will be the good start to make a brand then start your own restaurant when you became popular with the brand and you have a money to open a restaurant then open your restaurant.

Bakery Shop

If you love to bake the cake, then you can start with the baking classes to teach others how to bake a cake and side by side sell it. And if it became successful then you can start your own shop.

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