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Comprehensive guide to recovery pains.

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Back pains can be traumatizing and frustrating! However, chiropractic could be the solution. Being a Sydney and chiropractor Zetland, patients often ask me how many sessions of treatment will help them with their backpain?

According to me, on an average number of months of pain is proportional to the number of sessions one must attend to experience considerable improvement. For example, if you have been experiencing the pain for a month, you may require one or two sessions. Similarly, If it has been six months, you might require six to seven sessions. Though this is not the case with all chiropractors in Sydney. I have come across many cases going to other clinics, who have not been able to get rid of their pains even after ten or more treatment sessions. If you are going through the same, here are a few tips that can help you with an effective pain management.

At Sydney and Zetland Chiropractic, I specialize in helping people with pain and injuries in the back. Every case differs from the other, and so does the line of treatment. Here are a few factors one must keep in mind while going through a chiropractic treatment for back pains and injuries.

Time Line: On an average- the longer you have been experiencing the pain, the longer will be the duration of the treatment. This applies to patients who have been experiencing a back pain for 3 to 6 months and have the average amount of exercise, diet, and stress levels.

Age: With increasing age when your pain issues are not addressed timely, the muscles keep getting stiffer. Over the course of time, as one gets older, poor blood circulation to the tissues makes muscles tenser. Hence more time and effort are required to bring suppleness to the tissues of older people as compared to patients in their late teens or early twenties.

Exercise: Correct training and exercise are very important to stay fit and healthy. Not getting enough exercise or excessive exercise could be a reason for your backache. Working out is great for you. However, if not practiced appropriately, high-intensity workouts such as pump class, kickboxing, spinning can prove to be counterproductive. High impact workouts can be dangerous when your body is not ready, and muscles are not in the best condition. Moreover, a poor technique and bad mobility can lead to an injury that can cause permanent damage.

In my view, low impact exercise like swimming is great.It provides full body resistance coupled with cardio. Gym exercises that involve use of specialized equipment such as cross training, spinning etc. must always be done in proper environment under the guidance of a qualified coach.

Diet: Chiropractic science is physical pain management process, as a result, diet is seldom discussed as a factor of pains and treatments. As a student of Chiropractic, I was never taught about food factors at the University. I came across the importance of diet in the pain management process when I started learning Myotherapy (SLM).

On a personal level, I feel it is hard to determine that only a dietary imbalance could be a reason for a person’s aches and pains. The pains could be a result of muscular imbalances. However, a good diet makes it much easier to treat muscle stiffness to relieve a back pain. To be responsive to a treatment your diet must be balanced and nourishing. I would highly recommend that one must include fresh fruit & vegetable, nuts, grains, legumes, fish into their daily diet. One must avoid processed foods rich in sugars, unsaturated fats. Consumption of red meat must also be limited. Having a balanced and healthy diet can help you in responding to treatment in a better way.

Stress: Life is complicated and pressuring today. Stress, anxiety, and depression are common causes of back pain. Getting appropriate professional help and guidance can even help you treat your chronic back pain. Everyday life stress, if not released regularly can build up and lead to the pains of back, neck, and shoulders. Managing your stress level will make you more receptive to treatment.

At Sydney & Waterloo chiropractic clinics, my approach towards your problems is holistic, this helps my patients manage their back pain in the best possible way. I constantly try to help my patients live a better-quality life in a healthy frame of time.

Contact Sydney & Waterloo chiropractor today to know more about the most effective and modern pain relief from back pain.

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