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5 Profitable Business Ideas for the free-spirited entrepreneur

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If you don’t want to be the slave of the boss and do not want to do the job regular 9 to 5 job. Be your own boss then there is new profitable business come into India in 2017 looking at their business, business plan and doing the financial assessment we come to some of the business ideas that you may be interested in.


  1. Match Making

A matchmaking is a person who engages in matchmaking, it is a part-time job which can be performed by the housewife. Finding the right person for the correct match. People think you can find the match at the tinder but these are the short term relationship.

  1. Instagram Marketing

In 2017 people are not only promoting their product on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also on Instagram. Instagram is going to the next level promoting a product. An Instagram model like Gabrielle Epstein. She is earning a lot of money by promoting sponsor product. Her post reach is around 25k-30K per post and 1.2 million followers.

  1. Became a Party Planner

In the modern age have a party out of the college or school. If you think you are good as though the wild party then you find yourself a good career.  It is a great business ideas to pressure further.

  1. Translator Services

In a 12th century, companies are doing business at the global level. So basically company faces the language barrier. So to handle the language barrier company use the translator services in the different language like French, Japanese, Chinese and more.

  1. Taxi Services

Turn your personal vehicle into the commercial vehicle that everyone does who are affiliated with the Uber and ola taxi services. But if own the bulk taxi services then you can start your own taxi services if you like.

I guess this article will help you to find your right business ideas, if not stay tuned for more ideas.

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